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Simple Writing Prompts For High School

Journal Writing Prompts for High School Students. Below you’ll find 55 journal writing prompts. High school students will find plenty to say about these topics, but I suggest setting ground rules for writing and setting a time.

  • 1. Write two to three paragraphs describing the rock or water cycle. 2. Explain in one or two paragraphs how to make your favorite recipe. 3. Write a paragraph about what elements a good piece of writing should have. 4. Explain in a paragraph how to be a good friend. 5.

  • And, if you still need a different prompt to help you get inspired, take a look at this list of 11 personal writing ideas: Write a personal statement about yourself, your beliefs, values, and the morals you choose to live by. What is the most beautiful place you have ever experienced and why? What is your biggest fear?

  • High School Writing Prompt List 1. What aspects of your parents or guardians' education do you respect the most and why? Do you plan to exceed their level of education or not and why? 2. Imagine that you could plan out your best memories of high school, college and your adult life. What would these memories be and why?

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