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A kitchen space can easily be your storage and dumping ground space. Sometimes we find ourselves piling it up with letters, magazines, keys, handbags and so on. It is so important to keep that clean look, especially if your one to host a lot. Here you have everything you need to know to make a clean stylish look to your kitchen.

- How do I style my kitchen worktops? Firstly Get Things Off the Counter. Keep Essentials at Hand Over the Stove and style this with an elegant or modern utensil jar. If you like a clean space store your kitchen gadgets in a draw, get rid of any unwanted gadgets. Stick to a look, it’s important you don’t have too much going on in your kitchen as this is where you probably hold a lot of storage in your house. Invest in Storage You Really Love. Make Use of Trays by styling your favourite condiments on creating a feature. Display Cutting Boards, this can really give that elegant look. I have two, one large one small wooden cutting boards standing up, one under the other. I think it’s really important to add a bit of greenery, fresh herbs bring up such a look in a kitchen. If you have an Island faux flowers in the middle makes a great statement piece. -Should my kitchen cabinets be lighter or darker than my walls?

Light shade cabinets are a better choice in smaller spaces or kitchens, especially when there is less natural light. Lighter colours like white and off-white cabinets make the kitchen look and feel bigger.

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